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Having a positive role model at a young age is significant in predicting what kind of life an individual will have in adulthood. Research shows that young people who have a meaningful relationship with an adult who provides encouragement and guidance will experience a variety of benefits. From increased likelihood of going to college to higher achievement in future career, …

School Counselor Resources

School Counselor Resources

As a School Counselor, you provide students with opportunities to connect their talents, interests, and abilities to future possibilities and potential. You connect them to resources and information about education, training, and careers that await them. Inspiring your students to consider their employment goals and connecting them to choices for postsecondary training is especially important for your students with disabilities.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Resources

Get information and resources to build knowledge, share stories, increase awareness and understanding of the Deaf community. Wisconsin PepNet 2 contributed content to this page and supports education, career, and lifetime choices of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.  The following organizations partner to promote PepNet 2 activities: Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Wisconsin Educational …